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Cognitive load theory unlocks exactly how students learn but it's not to taught to new teachers. It should be! Don't... see more

Metacognition refers to the ability to actively critique your own performance and adapt future behaviours. Teaching... see more

A complete guide to Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction. How to apply them to make your teaching more effective, links... see more

The most COMPLETE guide to Benjamin Bloom and Bloom's taxonomy. Including the original and revised taxonomy and the 3... see more

A free PDF download of a complete summary of the 15 most influential learning theories in education.

The benefits of using technology in the classroom are huge. 20 benefits of using technology in the classroom that will... see more

Learning how to study for a test is rarely taught and if it is, usually not well. With these 7 simple strategies,... see more

What inspired YOU to be a teacher? What was YOUR reason? Did you have an inspiring teacher? Are you thinking about... see more

A complete biography of Jean Piaget. This bio includes cognitive development theory, schemas, stages of cognitive... see more

A complete biography of Lev Vygotsky and Vygotsky Theory. This bio includes zone of proximal development, more... see more

How to write a lesson plan. The question new teachers regularly struggle with! With these 7 lesson planning strategies... see more

Do you struggle with common misbehaviors in the classroom? These 7 easy to implement strategies will make your classroom... see more

A complete summary of the 15 most important learning theories. Fully explained and compared. Includes infographics and a... see more