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Money is the abstract translation of labor into an easy-to-trade, easy-to-accumulate, commodity. Discusses the... see more

This open textbook is a living document of knowledge and skills needed by finance students and professionals to design,... see more

Summary of the first of 6 modules: This module presents different strategies for integrating moral values such as those... see more

Drink, Swear, Steal, and Lie: Leadership in Four Easy Steps is based on a near forty year career of a Police Chief. This... see more

This Retail Management course was developed to align with the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC) learning outcomes... see more

This book introduces readers to methods of analyzing insurance data. The online version contains many interactive objects... see more

Designed to teach students the foundational principles of marketing in the digital age, this course uses current case... see more

This course is aimed at beginning to intermediate computer users. It teaches a range of computer skills from the basics... see more

The University of North Georgia Press and Affordable Learning Georgia bring you Accounting I. Well-written and... see more

This book is intended for an undergraduate or MBA level Financial Accounting course. It covers the standard topics in a... see more

We wrote this text to give you an understanding of how to use accounting information to analyze business performance and... see more

Introduction to Financial Accounting: U.S. GAAP, originally by D. Annand and H. Dauderis, was intended for a first course... see more

This course provides a strong foundation in microeconomic theory, whether preparing for further study in economics, the... see more

This macroeconomics course prepares students to think like economists and analyze decisions made by individuals,... see more

These notes are the outcome of all my years teaching MBA students at MIT Sloan. During that time, I have tried to find a... see more

Organized around the well-established planning, organizing, leading, and controlling framework (or, simply, P-O-L-C).... see more

This Introduction to Business course develops students’ understanding of business fundamentals with learning design... see more

Fundamentals of Business, Second Edition (2018) is an 372-page open education resource intended to serve as a no-cost,... see more

In Business Communication Skills for Managers, students learn how to effectively communicate in business, with an... see more

This Open Education Resource (OER), developed by Olds College in collaboration with the Government of Alberta, is a... see more

While most students use MyOpenMath in connection with an instructor-led course, MyOpenMath can be used by students as a... see more

This course begins your journey into the "Real World Math" series. These courses are intended not just to help you learn... see more

MyOpenMath; Math Literacy in a Global Context by Carrie Keiser and Kelly Mercer (2nd edition by Paula Thonney at Lane... see more

This course will focus on the study of algebraic relationships that people have used to make real predictions solving... see more