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Counseling theories and counseling therapies are the building blocks of the profession. Probably every counselor has had... see more

If you are considering counseling you might be overwhelmed by the choices. Here we guide you through more than 12... see more

Keys to great group therapy Seasoned psychologists offer their expertise on the art and skill of leading successful group... see more

Management of disaster effects, physical or psychological, has been the subject of considerable research. Though physical... see more

Multicultural therapy addresses the concerns of those whose race, ethnicity, religion, gender identification, income,... see more

Multicultural counseling is a cornerstone to any counselor's education and practice to ensure that they meet professional... see more

A look at some major ideas in personality psychology, both historical and recent, offers a sense of the many ways to... see more

What is this thing we call personality? Consider the following definitions, what do they have in common? "Personality is... see more

NASA researchers have developed a novel technology that can detect turbulence by keeping an eye on infrasound. Learn... see more

From building bridges to traveling to space, these six women did their part to help write STEM history. Read all about... see more

This time last month, national authorities in the African nation of Guinea declared they were dealing with an outbreak of... see more

The bitcoin market now exceeds $1 trillion with its price rising tenfold in a year, but focus is shifting towards the... see more

The primary focus of the National Program Committee during the 2020-2022 term is the development and implementation of... see more

We invite you to explore the wide array of stories connected to African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund work and... see more

Going to school in a place where you’re the only person of color can be rewarding, but it can also be difficult. Although... see more

This pamphlet provides an overview of the historic role, accomplishments, and challenges which face HBCUs as they carry... see more

The UNCF/Koch Scholars Program offers scholarships, mentorship, academic support, and networking opportunities. Apply... see more

Everyone deserves access to a college education that prepares them for success. That’s the belief shared by the more than... see more

The NBA’s lone player from a historically Black college and university (HBCU) is the Portland Trail Blazers’ Robert... see more

Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) will be in the spotlight during NBA All-Star Weekend, with... see more