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Neural Networks is a sophisticated modeling tool, capable of modeling very complex relationships in data. This episode... see more

Social media analysis is growing area of study. In this case study, we will look at how STATISTICA Text Miner was used to... see more

Welcome to StatSoft's Introduction to Data Mining video series. This series covers hands on tutorials of data mining... see more

The importance of Data Business Intelelligence in any domai including the State Courts. It displays how SQL server 2008... see more

This video is a quick tour on how to build D2L rubrics.

Rubrics are an assessmnet tool used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. They help... see more

The existing NSDL Resource Center will provide collaboration assistance across all projects; undertake strategic... see more

In early February, the House of Representatives heard testimony on undergraduate and graduate education. The message from... see more

An excellent resource of the Science Education Institute at the University of Massachusetts.

'There is growing concern that the United States is not preparing a sufficient number of students, teachers, and... see more

This web server comprises a complete repository for Fuzzy Logic and NeuroFuzzy applications. It contains free simulation... see more

This book takes you through the most important parts of Java EE 5 programming and, with clear, careful instructions and... see more

This WWW page is intended to serve as a comprehensive collection of algorithm implementations for over seventy of the... see more

This book presents a specific and unified approach framework to three major components: Search Engines Performance, Link... see more

A search site for papers, authors, conferences, journals and communities. It provides citation access to publications of... see more