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PowerPoint presenation (more than 50 slides) on social issues raised by the Internet. Contains numerous examples, with... see more

Journey Inside The Cell illustrates the evidence for intelligent design within DNA, as described in Stephen C. Meyer’s... see more

Software to help grade larger student assignments and reports, etc. consistently and efficiently without retyping common... see more

This site provides a downloadable free version of an authoring tool that can be used for demonstrations of how to use... see more

Zoomerang is a website that provides free capabilities for creating and conducting on-line surveys via e-mail or through... see more

This website looks like a typical "web portal" site, with current news links and featured articles. However the Advanced... see more

NewsBlogger is an automated service that instructors can use to incorporate news headlines, and their own comments or... see more

This site is a free online service that provides real-time creation of graphics. Users can generate customized images of... see more

Here you will find the latest news, product updates, media intelligence insights, and other fine fare.

This site contains a great deal of information about the personal computer hardware components and peripherals. The... see more

This web site provides access to the whole content of the Statistical Abstract, and selected features, and other Census... see more

This web site provides an extensive collection of content and links to the subject of telecommuting, from both the... see more

Description of important issues relating to cryptography for high security communications over the Internet. Includes 12... see more

This web site has links to recent articles and an archive of 5 years of previous articles on designing usable web sites.... see more

Tutorial that provides introductory information on features of Structured Query Language (SQL), and an online database... see more

Descriptive information and links to online periodicals and free e-mail newsletters on electronic commerce

Search engine that uses a patented PageRank algorithm to generate results that are more relevant than those generated by... see more

Website offers tutorials and articles on web page authoring, design, multimedia, e-business, programming, backends... see more

Karnak is a meta-search engine that consolidates and filters information from other search engines to produce more... see more

A JavaScript calculator that calculates revenues for three different modes of electronic commerce advertising. These... see more