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An online workshop for designing smart lectures, this site presents characteristics of good lectures and good... see more

Another of the Teaching & Learning with Technology resources from Penn State, this site begins with the Chinese proverb,... see more

A concise reference on Writing True-False Exam Items; explained are advantages, disadvantages, and general guidelines.... see more

Part of the Teaching and Learning with Technology web site, this resource provides a quick reminder of the need for... see more

The two major types of rubrics are defined: holistic and analytic. The versatility of rubrics is described in a list of... see more

A collection of rubrics for Cooperative Learning, Research Reports, Writing, Math, Art, Science, Oral Presentations,... see more

A companion site to the Index of Learning Styles (ILS) Questionnaire (;... see more

Goals & objectives guide all teaching, learning, and assessment. This site gives concise explanations of learning... see more

Topics addressed included in this straight-forward summary of behavioral objectives are definitions & characteristics, a... see more

Site provides a table showing verbs appropriate for cognitive domains: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis,... see more

List of 100 suggested performance terms that represent actions that are observable and measurable. Although similar to... see more

Summary of key elements of an effective lecture: includes preparation and delivery; lecture beginning, body, and closing;... see more

A concise lesson on writing objectives; topics include reasons for stating objectives, ABCDs of writing objectives,... see more

This is the companion site to Writing Educational Goals and Objectives, a MERLOT reviewed that received five stars.