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A scholarly discussion of educational applications of the science of learning produced at the Berger Institute at... see more

The CSU Center for Community Engagement website provides a comprehensive overview of the initiatives and programs going... see more

A database containing the definitions and etymological roots of hundreds of commonly used English words and phrases, many... see more

This database makes the bridge between research in educational technology and the application of that research in... see more

The Digital Library is a valuable online resource of peer-reviewed and published international journal articles and... see more

This is a powerful--and free!--program that faculty can use for developing instruments to evaluate their courses. The... see more

An interview with Ken W. White, a co-author of The Online Teaching Guide, a new guidebook intended to help professors run... see more

This is a blog that addresses blended learning. Some of the posts concern the following topics: Virtual Classroom -... see more

A rundown of 7 common pitfalls awaiting new distance learning instructors, followed by 16 practical guidelines.

Quiz Center is FREE. To use it, join My Discovery and set up a Custom Classrom by going to... see more

This is part of the "Why the Topic of Bioethics in Science Courses" series. In addition to explaining methods of... see more

This article provides a cogent rationale for teaching bioethics. Bioethics is an important consideration for teachers... see more

NINR home page, listing a wide variety of resources related to nursing research, e.g., research funding and programs, and... see more