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This is the NOYCE Scholars' websites all on one webpage for easy access.

This is my digital portfolio with all my lesson plans and resources.

This website is called SMILE- Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enhancement. It's kind of like Merlot, but a much... see more

This is a great site to test the student's knowledge as a whole class participation. It has online quizzes in all areas... see more

There is something new in the air and that is Green Chemistry. This educational resource website shares green chemistry... see more

I contributed some specific articles from this site, but I just wanted to share this entire website because besides those... see more

This solar system simulator let's you view anything in our solar system from any point you wish on the exact date and... see more

Adam is a robot, discovered in the UK, capable of carrying out experiments, produce its own hypothesis, make scientific... see more

This definitely cannot be used in middle and high school classrooms, but it's just something funny I saw and thought it... see more

This site is filled with a wide range of chemistry topics along with experiments. It is so resourceful for teachers as it... see more

This is exactly what it says...a periodic table that comes alive. For each element that you click on, it'll give the... see more