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This lab shows how soap responds to lipids (such as the ones found in milk). It is a great way to introduce students to... see more

This fun activity allows you to race against time trying to replicate an organism's DNA. Afterward you can see if your... see more

Animation of how radioactive decay occurs.

An interactive word scramble using words related to evolution. Given the language involved, I'd focus this more on high... see more

A group of students from UCSF perform a synchronized swimming routine demonstrating cell division (mitosis). A... see more

This website has several links to activities, quizzes, and other helpful resources for junior high life science. The... see more

This site is excellent for junior high science teachers. Students can access it from the library, home or any other... see more

A great tool for secondary school. This fun, interactive game allows students to build a carbon atom as fast as they can... see more