Learning Exercise

Helping Families Learn Online Together

This lesson enables families to engage in interactive learning activities by using the Cybrfamilies blog of thematic websites.


Family-friendly thematic activities that foster content-rich digital and information literacies see more


Learning occurs everywhere, and starts at home. Most people learn how to use the Internet informally, through their friends or by individual exploration

Because the Internet has few filters, information quality varies tremendously, and its useful application can be problematic.

For this learning activity, log onto http://cyberfamilies.blogspot.com.

Explore how the site is structured: thematically, with resources that connect users to information, that help them be creative, that provies ways to help others, and leads to career exploration.

Use the search bar to locate a set of activiteis that might interest the family. Try out a couple of resources (one per heading), and think how they could be done as a family.

In introducing this website to the family, have them do the same process: find interesting themes, and try out a couple of activities together.

Technical Notes

As much as possible in the family setting, allow all family members to access the websites.


Internet-connected computer



1. Website purpose: find the objective of the website.

2. Website structure: thematic websites that include facts, creation, service, and career exploration. Open and explore one webiste per heading.

3. Activities: Try a couple of the website activites. Reflect on ways that the family could do the activities together.

4. Information and digital literacy. Brainstorm ways that the family can become more literate by using this website (e.g., learn how to navigate websites, search for relevant websites, evaluate websites,  comprehend information, apply information).


Learning Objectives

1. Use a search tool to locate thematic websites of personal interest.

2. Evaluate a website in terms of its quality, appropriateness, and relevance/interest.

3. Carry out an activity suggested in a thematic website.

4. Use this website as a family learning activity.


Can the user search and locate a website of interest to the family?

Can the user describe the purpose and structure of Cyberfamilies?

Can the user carry out a learning activity based on a specific website?

Can the user discuss ways that Cyberfamilies can be used to gain information and digital competency?