Learning Exercise

Final Project Presention

This learning exercise would be the final step in creating a final project for ANY discipline. First steps may have included topical research, an annotated bibliography, and an outline, the next step would be to choose a presentation method. Or the project may be to create a tutorial or guide depending upon the discipline.

For this project, students have three choices for creating an engaging presentation to share with the class, either a magazine, brochure, or flipbook.

  • Note that this happens to be an individual project, however, students might be encouraged to create their project in teams or small groups. If completed in groups, a peer contribution rubric is recommended.
  • Another option would be to have students present for peer review using the same rubric they use to check their projects and that is used to determine their grade.

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Brief Description

Now that your project is in the outline stage, the next step is to think about how you will present your information. You have three options for creating an engaging presentation to share with the class, either a magazine, brochure, or flipbook.

Although you can choose any tool you would like, the tool I recommend is a free online tool called FlipSnack. I like FlipSnack because you are able to easily create any of these three options from PDF files.

Get Started

  1. Go to the FlipSnack website and create an account.

  2. Use your imagination while viewing the ideas for various uses and examples of flipbooks, magazines, and brochures on the website.

  3. Decide which tool will work best for you and your topic.

  4. Use the Help & Support information provided by FlipSnack under the Hello area of your account page.


  1. With this presentation option, you will need at least 6 pages in your book or magazine, or a 6 sided brochure (3 panels inside and 3 panels outside) including the title page and the resources page.

  2. You will give us enough information that you teach us about the main points of your topic but do not overwhelm us with too much text-be succinct.

  3. Enhance your words with appropriate images, hyperlinks and (also where appropriate) video that will make your presentation engaging.

  4. Cite your sources in APA or MLA format.

  5. Sign your work!

Technical Notes

  • Some students may struggle with active links.
  • Some features are not offered in the free version which may be frustrating for students.


  • Computer access
  • Basic computing skills
  • Print to PDF

Learning Objectives

By the completion of this project, the student will be able to present topical information in an engaging magazine, brochure or flipbook.


Use this rubric to check your work and I will use it to grade your submission.

(Note to instructor-this is an example provided by the author of the website, don't be fooled by the look of the page, it is a good rubric! Also the author has indicated by the scissors that you can "cut out" the rubric but I recommend you create your own specific to your final project requirements.)