Learning Exercise

Create a dramatized presentation on Digestion process.

Select a parthner of your choice and a create a dramatic presentation on the digestion process. Each stage of the process starting with the mouth must be clearly described and explained.


A nice short animation covering human digestion, with a witty ending as well. Perfect for an addition to materials... see more


Food and Nutrition by Anita Tull


Technical Notes

Each student must present using their knowledge of digestion. Props for examples charts can be used to assist with the presentation and also costumes.


Students must study the digestion process and choose a medium to dramatize the process with a parthner. The process must start from the mouth.



Learning Objectives

Students will be able to: 

1.Explain each stage of the process starting from the mouth

2.Describe the process using scientific terms

3.Express confidence with content area on digestion.


Checklist for Peer Assessment( Yes or No )

  • Each member of the team contributed equally.........
  • Were each stage of the digestion process explained?.........
  • Were the props or costume suitable for the presentation?.............
  • Were the presenters clear in their expalnation?...........
  • Did they provide any further literature?...................