Learning Exercise

Marketing & Community Relations for Parking Professionals

This exercise is intended to provide the basic framework required to market and actively participate in community relations.


I have decided to develop and provide a free marketing simulation game for lecturers and instructors. One of the... see more



Type of Task

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how supply and demand affect marketing.
  • Discuss the merits of knowing the competition.
  • Identify generators and promote new business.


1. What is the BEST method for ensuring
good personal communication with
a. Communicate frequently and consistently.
b. Communicate about problems.
c. Communicate about rate increases.
d. Communicate when the landlord calls.


2. The advantage of an “early bird”
marketing program is to:
a. Fill the facility as quickly as possible.
b. Maximize the space available in the facility.
c. Attract high-turnover customers.
d. Attract all-day customers


3. The monthly revenue of the facility has
been declining for the last three months.
Long-term customers are leaving and
customer complaints are increasing.
Which of the following methods will be
LEAST likely to improve this situation?
a. Redesign the facility layout.
b. Personally greet customers as they enter or exit.
c. Post the manager’s phone number in the facility.
d. Implement a customer validation program.


4. All of the following are factors that will
define your parking product, EXCEPT:
a. Operating expenses.
b. Distance from the generator.
c. Rates.
d. Attendant on duty (or not).