Learning Exercise

Application of device

How to put on the heart hugger


A sternal precaution apparatus that is an alternative to the heart pillow used for chest surgery i.e., open heart. It is... see more


1.Detach the shoulder strap from the handle on one side and slide the handle under the patient’s arm. Bring the shoulder strap over the shoulder and reattach it. Repeat this process on the other arm.

2.Adjust the straps around the chest as needed so the handles are one hand-width apart for the patient so they can easily grasp them together single-handedly.

3.Adjust the straps over the shoulders so the fit is comfortable and the handles rest on the patient mid-chest.

4.Fasten the velcro retention strap to keep the handles in place.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the demonstration, the learner will show how to put on and remove the heart hugger.