Learning Exercise




This online programme is used to simulate a very simple case of Natural Selection. The programme tries to reproduce a... see more



Read in your book the topic related to Evolution by Natural Selection.


- Start the programme on the web or on your computer                

- If you have doubts at any time, press the help button. Ask the teacher.               

- Read the sections "Fundamentals and History" and "Natural Selection and Evolution". Don't do the simulation yet.


QUESTION 1: According to what you have just read, answer the next question in your notebook: Where does the carbonaria form have an advantage? Why?                                - Press the "Simulate" button: the data window appears.                                - Press the button "pre-established simulation of dirty to clean forest": Read carefully the explanation that the program gives you of what you are going to do. The data that it gives are: Clean Forest, Initial peppered moths-> 2, Heterozygous black -> 4, Pure black-> 25.                               

- Press the "Start!" button: the simulation window will appear and you will see how the forest becomes clean.                                                 

- Now, you are a bird, so click on every moth you see to eat it, until all the remaining ones are equal. If at any time you are curious to know where they all are, press the "Where are they?" button and reorder so as not to cheat.                               

- When they are all equal press the "Graphics" button, try to see both possibilities Genotypes and Phenotypes.    


QUESTION 2:     Write the definitions phenotype and genotype in your notebook. If you don't know them, search in your book.                                What is the difference between both graphs?


QUESTION 3:     Draw in your notebook the phenotypes and genotypes graph for both pre-established simulations. Explain the results obtained.


QUESTION 4:  In the dirty forest simulation, when you have eaten all peppered moths, and they are all black, could new peppered moths appear? Explain your answer. And in the clean forest simulation, when only peppered moths remain, could they appear black? Explain it. When you are done you can put the data you want and see how the simulation develops.