Learning Exercise

Data Quality

After reviewing the lecture notes answer the following questions::

1. What the the 3 ways you can anticipate out of range valus while collecting data?

2. What are the 3 ways you can avoid/anticipate ourt of range vlaues during data entry?

3. What are the possible consequnces of presence of out of range values in your action research thesis data?



Detailed specification for Data Quality: Missing Data module see more


This exercise will reenforce the impact of out of range values and how to deal wiith these.


Data collection

Data analysis

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

1. Identify what are out of range vlaues

2. apply skills to deal with out of range values

3. Understand the improtance of quality data in research


Essay questions-the extent to which students understand and apply the concepts of our of range values in data collection and data analysis.