Learning Exercise

Forces and Motion Group Discussion

Participate in a group discussion forum on the learning management system.


This unit has been created to guide you through the topic of Forces and Motion. see more


Using the information that was shared in class on the topic of Mechanical Resonance, please post your responses to the following statements. 

  • State three things you did not know about before.
  • State two things that surprised you about the topic.
  • State one question that you might have on the information that was shared.

Technical Notes

Your postings can be creative and take many forms, however, the questions above must be answered. You may choose to write, create an infographic or slide presentation or video with or without narration. Use the following guidelines for the type of response,

  • Written post should be between 250-300 words
  • Slide presentations should be 6-8 slides
  • Videos should not be longer than 4 minutes


You are required to respond to at least 2 of your peers’ postings. Use this Discussion Forum to share your views on the topic of Mechanical Resonance by answering the questions.

Learning Objectives

This activity has been created to allow students to apply the information being shared.


Score Breakdown

  • This assessment will be marked out of a total of 40 points.
  • The number of points you are awarded will determine your final grade out of 10%.
  • The total which is added to your final grade will be calculated as follows, if you are awarded 20 points then, 5% will be applied (calculated as 20/40 x 10).







Quality of Posting
(10 points)

Posting was thought provoking and insightful. Reflects thorough understanding of the topic
7 – 10 points

Posting was appropriate and relevant to developing critical thought. Reflects good understanding of the topic.
6 – 6.9 points

Posting stimulated critical thinking but resulted in only limited interaction with peers. Reflects fair understanding of the topic.
5 – 5.9 points

Posting did not stimulate discussion. Author may have misunderstood the topic for discussion.
0 – 4.9 points

(10 points)

Shows concerted and honest effort to engage with participants.
7-10 points.

Shows attention to most posts in the forum, incorporates and acknowledges ideas
6 – 6.9 points

Offers little interaction with posts in the forum, mostly summarizes what others have said without adding to discussion.
5 – 5.9 points

Ignores most posts in the forum, does not engage with participants.
0 – 4.9 points

Understanding of the Topic
(10 points)

Author responds to questions posted and demonstrates a thorough understanding of the topic.
7 – 10 points

Author responds to most questions posted and demonstrates a good understanding of the topic.
6 – 6.9 points

Author responds to some questions posted and demonstrates a fair understanding of the topic.
5 – 5.9 points

Author does respond to questions posted and demonstrates an unsatisfactory understanding of the topic.
0 – 4.9 points

Adherence to Online Protocols
(10 points)

All online protocols were followed allowed for respectful discussion information sharing.
7 – 10 points

1 online protocol was not followed.
6 – 6.9 points

2-3 online protocols were not adhered to.
5 – 5.9 points

Postings were made outside of all acceptable online protocols resulting in little or no positive interaction.
0 – 4.9 points