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Antebellum Slavery in the American South

Africans in America traces slavery in the United States from 1450 to 1865, using historical narratives, images, documents, stories, biographies, and commentaries.
Course: United States History

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Instructions: Select only Part IV: 1831-1865. Click Narrative. Click and Read Introduction, Map, Antebellum Slavery, Abolitionism, Fugitive Slaves and Northern Racism. Read all sections and links under these listings. Write a 5-7 page paper describing 1) how slaves lived, 2) the arguments for and against slavery, and 3) why slavery was likely to cause a civil war.
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Learning Objectives

To enable students to learn about slavery in the decades before the Civil War. To enable students to learn how slaves lived. To enable students to learn about the positions both pro-slavery and anti-slavery prior to the Civil War.


A 5 to 7 page paper.
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