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Learning Exercise: A Soldier's Life Blog

A Soldier's Life Blog
Students learn about blogs, create a blog, write a posting per the assignment, respond to peer blogs, respond to comments left on their blog, and participate in the classroom discussion as a follow up to the assignment.
Course: Social Studies for 8th Graders


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Barb Dominesey
Date Last Modified:
May 06, 2007


Students will use tutorials to learn about blogs and create a blog, add a 150+ word posting that describes life as a soldier in WWI, respond to peer blogs with comments, respond to comments on their blog, and engage in collaborative classroom discussion about the "A Soldier's Life Blog".
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  • Middle School


Blogging, World War 1, Discussion


Basic Web browser and navigation skills

Learning Objectives

To learn new Web 2.0 skills using; To be able to identify and reason a soldier's physical, mental, and emotional condition in the War; and to engage in collaborative discussion using technology.

Type of Task

  • Individual
  • Student-centered
  • Supervised
  • Supplemental Activity


Student blogs will be assessed for meeting the requirements of the assignment (150+ word count and discussion of required topics). Students will be assessed for understanding of a soldier's life through participation in the classroom discussion.

Technical Notes

Students need access to workstations with Internet capability, including