Learning Exercise

"That Quiz" Math Drill and Practice

Solid online and interactive math practice website.
Course: 6th Grade Multiple/Adult ESL

Super and effective website that has students practicing math and other content-area subjects as well. You can create... see more


This one is pretty simple. 1. Go to the website and sign up. 2. Create your class/upload first names. 3. Create the tests. 4. Assign the tests by giving your students the "codes". 5. Assess by grading and then reacting to the scores. 6. Repeat as necessary!


Technical Notes

Nees the Internet and a computer that works.


Work on grade level math. Able to use a computer and the Internet.


6th Grade Math, Adult ESL Learners, Teaching with Technology.

Learning Objectives

Use the Internet and a computer to practice standards based math problems. CDE Standards should be quoted according to the Math exam that the teacher creates.


That Quiz has built in assessment from the website.