Learning Exercise

Examining mitosis

Students will create visual or graphical representations of the stages of mitosis and present them before the class.

Incredible 3D animation of the phases of mitosis, with realistic looking 3D models - is about 9 MB in size. see more


Engagement: Begin by showing the video clip of mitosis located at http://www.hybridmedicalanimation.com/anim_mitosis_wmVideo.html. Exploration: Four groups of students will consult the text, internet, or revisit the video, in order investigate the stages of mitosis and create a graphical or visual representation of their findings which must be accompanied by a written explanation of the stages. Explanation: Students will present their projects and explain the stages in front of the class. Extension: After all groups have presented, students will be asked to revise their written explanations, expand them, and correct any errors that may be present. Evaluation: The teacher will score the written explanations according to a rubric that contains the point scale for each stage of mitosis. I.e. Prophase: 1 point for the dissolving of the nuclear envelopeÂ…etc.

Technical Notes

A computer with internet access and a projector will be needed.


biology, mitosis, cells.

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Students will understand the main processes that occur during the four basic stages of mitosis.