Learning Exercise

Be A Rock Hound

Solid partner based lesson that has students doing research and creating a poster/oral presentation. Remember, poster has two images!
Course: 6th Grade Multiple Subjects

Excellent resource for discovering information about minerals. See attached lesson. see more


You and a partner are going to create a mineral poster. You will use it to give an oral report. The poster should have at least two images and include answers to the following questions. 1. Is the mineral part of a larger mineral group/class? If so then which one? Are there any popular gemstones/minerals that belong to this family? 2. What chemical elements make up this mineral/gemstone? 3. What is the mineral's/gemstone's relative hardness? 4. What is it's specific gravity? 5. What color/colors is this mineral/gemstone? 6. Describe the luster of this mineral/gemstone.
Additional Information: www.google.com


Technical Notes

Will need to online research time since this lesson is tied to the Internet.


1. Use a computer. 2. Read and write at grade level. 3. Work in partner groups.


Writing, Science

Learning Objectives

Students will learn about mineral properties and relationships to other minerals. Students will create an informative poster about a chosen mineral. Students will work together and create something educational and informative to the large group. Students will speak loudly and clearly as they present their reports to the class.


Feel free to create a rubric at the website listed below!