Learning Exercise

My History of Baksetball

Along with playing on the basketball team, the students will research basketball and their love of the game.Each week our students will be given one assignment that will include a basketball topic they are interested in along with investigating various web 2.0 tools. This process will take six weeks to complete. The first four weeks the students will learn a specific web 2.0 tool and apply it to a basketball assignment. For the fifth week, the assignment will be to use their previous five projects and things that have been taught throughout the season to create a PowerPoint presentation. The sixth week will be a presentation.

This website includes the skills and basketball information that will be discussed and taught during the 2008-2009... see more


The students will present their project to the coaches and team. We feel that this assignment is important because in order to appreciate the game of basketball and excel the students must investigate various likes of the game as well ways to improve their own basketball game.



Learning Objectives

The students will create a number of assignments that will increase their knowledle of basketball and web 2.0 tools