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Justice Learning

This assignment explores concepts of civil rights.
Course: American Government

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Using iMovie or Garageband create a PSA Public Service Announcement This activity is based on a Unit of Practice found on the Apple Learning Interchange that deals with PSA’s and the power of digital creations. Introduction to the Apple UOP: “In this project, students will explore what makes seemingly ordinary events, people, or places in their communities extraordinary. They will find in their communities a "story" that needs to be told; they will write the story, and will publish the story as a podcast, a movie or a photo essay, with the objective of persuading others that the story is worthy of hearing. Story topics will range widely; the main criteria for a selecting a topic is that the story needs to be told!” For this critical thinking activity, students will follow the directions laid out in the Apple UOP found at: http://edcommunity.apple.com/ali/story.php?itemID=12046&version=2385&pageID=5958 However, students will use the MERLOT resource to identify which social issue they would like to create a Public Service Announcement about. The MERLOT resource is found at: http://www.justicelearning.org/archives.asp

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Author Robert Downs


Civil Rights: Social Movements

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Learning Objectives

Examine how social movements interact with government to produce change over time in Civil Rights.