Learning Exercise

Teacher Oz’s Kingdom of History: 13 Originals – Founding the AmericanColonies

Students will create a mnemonic device to help them memorize the first 13 colonies.
Course: US History I

This web site contains a plethora of material on any historical subject matter imaginable. Links to primary source... see more


Memory Matrix: Study the map of the original 13 colonies located at the following: http://www.timepage.org/spl/13colony.html . Create a mnemonic device to remember the original 13 colonies. The colonies may appear in the mnemonic device in any order the student chooses as the object is to remember which were the original 13 colonies.


Living in Colonial America: Demographics and Social Patterns

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Analyze changes in population and social characteristics in Colonial America, for example, the growth of slavery and indentured servitude and changes in the roles of women and the structure of families.