Learning Exercise

Interactive Assessment

This is a student centered learning exercise geared at developing competence in understanding the American Revolution.

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Question1. Heavy taxation was a necessity for Britain if she wanted to regain her financial power in the 1760’s Discuss. Question 2 Analyze the effect of Britain’s neglect on her colonies in the years leading to the American Revolution. Question 3 Discuss the various taxes imposed by Britain on the colonies and justify the necessity of these taxes.


Technical Notes

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Learning Objectives

Assignment 1: Essay Critique Listed below are three essay questions. Choose one question and respond to it. After completing the essay you will post it to week 4’s discussion board. Please do not affix your name to your paper only your student identification number, this will ensure your anonymity. By posting your essay to the week 4 discussion board students will be able to read your essay and comment. The final grade will be given by me. The comments from students provide an interactive discussion of the ideas in your essay. It also provides useful feedback.