Learning Exercise

Reflective Writing Discussion

Once the students have completed the lesson on 'Reflection and Reflective Writing', they discuss an article from 'The Sunday Times' entitled "Depression Drugs Don't Work". The discussion is online and uses the Blackboard discussion forum. The students are divided into small groups (7 or 8) to encourage commenting. The students write posts at the three levels of reflection - descriptive, dialogic and critical described in the lesson. The posts should be about 200-300 words. Students receive formative feedback from their tutors. There is a small grade for their contribution.
Course: Medicine

Following the Medical Council of Ireland requirement to develop reflection in medical students, University College... see more


Having read the newspaper article on antidepressants and having viewed the elearning unit on reflection, attempt to carry out some brief (descriptive/diaglogic/critcical) reflection upon the statement 'Antidepressants are overprescribed in clinical practice'. Create a new thread to do so. You are encouraged to comment on or critique each others reflections. You will be given feedback on submissions.



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Learning Objectives

Apply the 3 levels of relection to a medical article by writing a short forum post