Learning Exercise

How to Budget a Trip using Google Spreadsheets StAIR creation

A PowerPoint presentation teaching students how to use Google Spreadsheets to create a budget for a trip.
Course: French Language Culture class

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Teachers need to guide the students, but the interactive presentation is designed so the students can move at their own pace and learn how they need to learn: at their own pace and using the notes that make sense to them.

Technical Notes

Students need to have access to a computer which can run Google Documents and access the internet.
Content Builder Description: PowerPoint Presentation


Students need to have a Google account (or be able to create one).


Google Spreadsheets, budget, organization

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to budget for a trip. They will be able to use Google Spreadsheets in the following ways: A. create a Google Document, name it, and be able to share it B. create a new Sheet and rename it C. use functions such as SUM and TRANSPOSE


The assessment is the final project, which needs to be combined with research to create a true trip itinerary, which the budget will help organize and determine their trip schedule.