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Learning Exercise: Assessing Learning in Online Discussion Boards

Assessing Learning in Online Discussion Boards
Are you searching for ways to assess learning in online discussion boards? Much has been discovered in the last decade about what makes distance education more impactful. Join the conversation and explore how assessment and feedback in online discussion boards can become a transformative process for instructors and learners.


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Sheri Williams
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March 17, 2014


Interactive Learning Design Engage: What is your experience with assessment of learning in online discussion boards? What do you want to know to improve outcomes in technologically enhanced environments? Explore: Take a look at the annotated bibliography of the review of relevant literature. The annotated bibliography is clustered into themes with an introductory paragraph that introduces the focus of each section. Consider the various perspectives from the literature and the potential usefulness of the findings in your own scholarly practice. Explain: Share something about what you found that is similar/different from your own understandings and familiarity with the concepts and strategies suggested in the literature. Review a sample section from a syllabus and accompanying learning activity. How might this information impact the way you design e-learning tasks and assessments for online group work? Elaborate: Build on and extend understanding. Which of the concepts/strategies are ‘most’ useful or relevant to your own work and study? What is missing? What new problems and issues might arise for you? Evaluate: As a result of this workshop, did you gain new knowledge (K), change your opinion (O), enhance your skills (S), or heighten your aspirations (A) about the strategies for assessing learning in online environments? [This learning design uses the 5E Lesson Sequence for teaching and learning, as derived from biological sciences.]
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Advance the understanding and use of assessments in online discussion boards



Learning Objectives

Explore lessons learned from a review of the literature on the assessment of learning in distance education.

Type of Task

  • Student-centered