Learning Exercise

Gene expression patterns in E. coli

Students are asked to predict which kinds of E. coli genes might be expressed under one set of conditions and not under an alternate set of conditions.
Course: Microbiology, molecular biology

An animation of how the DNA microarray technique is applied to studies with Herpes simplex virus see more


Using E. coli as an example, suggest a possible role for a gene that is

In the presence of oxygen and not in the absence of oxygen
In the absence of oxygen and not in the presence of oxygen
During the stationary phase and not during the log phase
During log phase and not during stationary phase
In enriched media and not in minimal medium
In minimal medium and not in enriched medium
In the presence of lactose but not in its absence
In the presence of tryptophan but not in its absence

Explain your answers.


Understand some basic biology of E. coli


Microarrays; gene expression; transcriptional control

Learning Objectives

To appreciate the power of microarray technology in understanding transcription patterns
To demonstrate knowledge about E. coli by applying it to a research question