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Learning Exercise: The Mongols in World History

The Mongols in World History
A sophisticated web site on the history and impact of the Mongols. Separate pages deal with such topics as the nature of nomadic life, key figures, the Mongol Conquests, and the impact of the Mongols on China and the world. An image gallery and set of historical maps as well as other class materials and readings add to the value of the site. That one of the leading experts on the Mongols, Morris Rosabe, was a consultant gives the site much credtiability.
Course: World Civlization


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William Paquette
Date Last Modified:
March 18, 2003


On the home page for The Mongols in World History are five areas of study: Mongols' Mark on Global History, Mongol Conquests, Mongols in China, Pastoral Nomadic Life, and Key Figures in Mongol History. To complete this project, it is necessary to read and review ALL the material contained within these five units.

After reading the materials in the above named sections, write a 5-7 page paper answering the following questions about the Mongols. There is no need to seek other outside resources to complete this project.

1. Who are the Mongols and why are they stereotyped as barbarians?
2. Describe the lifestyle of the Mongol people.
3. Who was Genghis Khan? Describe the political and military role he played in expanding Mongol power and influence in Asia.
4. Describe the contributions and influences the Mongols left on China and Asia.
5. Were the Mongols barbarians? Explain your answer.



  • College General Ed
  • College Lower Division
  • High School


Humanities/History/Area Studies/Asia/Central Asia



Learning Objectives

To enable students to have a more accurate of the Mongols, their lifestyle, and their contributions to China, Asia, and the World

Type of Task

  • Individual
  • Student-centered
  • Supplemental activity
  • Unsupervised

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