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Learning Exercise: Language Arts and Science with NASA: Meteors, Read All About Them!

Language Arts and Science with NASA: Meteors, Read All About Them!
This lesson seeks to increase fluency, social skills, and vocabulary.
Course: 3rd Grade Multiple Subjects


Submitted by:
Dr. Troy Tenhet Ed.D.
Date Last Modified:
February 16, 2005


Title: Meteors, Read All About It!

Grade: Third

Objective: 1. Students will read Internet text correctly and with proper meter
and intonation.
CDE Language Arts: Reading 1.0 Word Analysis, Fluency, and Systematic Vocabulary
Development. Students understand the basic features of reading. They select
letter patterns and know how to translate them into spoken language by using
phonics, syllabication, and word parts. They apply this knowledge to achieve
fluent oral and silent reading. Decoding and Word Recognition: 1.1 Know and use
complex word families when reading (e.g., -ight) to decode unfamiliar words. 1.2
Decode regular multi-syllabic words. 1.3 Read aloud narrative and expository
text fluently and accurately and with appropriate pacing, intonation, and
Anticipatory Website:

Primary Website:

Critical Tasks (Student and Teacher): 1. Teacher must have an LCD Projector and
a live Internet connection. 2. Teacher will facilitate discussion and will
navigate to the appropriate sites. 3. All students must eventually participate
in this lesson. 4. Readers will be assigned one buddy to help them through the
text. 5. Teacher will play the audio (on the site) before and after students
take their respective turns. 6. This lesson is part of a 14 lesson series (so
incorporate them all!). 7. This lesson is designed to raise the cognitive levels
of all students that participate.
Assessment: Teacher can informally observe or can create a 1-4 point rubric
that spells out each level of proficiency. If the rubric is used, it must be
explained and posted prior to the lesson(s).
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  • Grade School


Fluency and vocabulary development.


Read just below, at, or above grade level (3rd). Understand the concept of the Internet. Be able to work with peers.

Learning Objectives

Students will read Internet text aloud, fluently, and with proper intonation.

Type of Task

  • Supplemental activity
  • Team

Technical Notes

Need LCD projector and live Internet connection.