Learning Exercise

Water Cycle

Great interactive site for students to navigate on their own or with direction exploring the various places water can be found. Lots of links to various pages exploring all the places water can be found,

Very kid friendly site. There are actual pictures of the various vocabulary and examples of places where water exists or... see more


Technical Notes

You can use this site as a scavenger hunt or to have the students confirm what they know and lead to something they don't about a common item in their life.


Basic reading skills and ability to use a computer to go from site to site looking for the definitions of vocabulary and pictures to help reinforce the concepts with concrete examples in nature.


Useful for CA Standard 6, structure of matter, giving students other materials to help them fill out a work sheet tracing how water is recycled.

Learning Objectives

Freezing and boiling points of various chemicals determine how they are classified. By showing how water, a familiar material, is classified in its three different components (liquid, solid, gas) within nature, not just a lab.