Learning Exercise

Earth Observatory by NASA Water Cycle

Course: Earth Science/Geology

Informational presentation on the water cycle and its impact on Earth's climate. Site gives a multi-phased journey of... see more


Step1: Students will take the table of global water distribution and make two
graphs. A pie graph will compare salt water and fresh water on Earth. A bar
graph will illustrate the sources of freshwater on Earth.
Step 2: Students use the three illustrations of the hydrologic cycle, how
plants interact with the water cycle, and the water table to create a labeled
diagram or graphic organizer of the water cycle.
Step 3: To incorporate literacy into the assignment, each student writes in
their own words how the hydrological cycle works. This is graded on a rubric
that is given to them before they write. The rubric contains key vocabulary
words that must be present in the writing assignment.

Technical Notes

Computer compatable projector to display the diagrams within the reading material to the class.
Computer access for students to view the web site.


Water Cycle, Global Water Distrubution, Climate Change, Aqua spacecraft mission studying Earth's water

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to label the hydrological cycle, understand the role plants play in the cycle and define zone of saturation/water level.