Learning Exercise

Introducing Primary and Secondary Colors

Children will explore this webstie to learn about primary and secondary colors. After this activity, the students will use finger paint to make their own secondary colors using the primary colors.
Course: Art

Explore the tools that artists use like line, color, shape, space (linear and atmospheric perspective), movement and... see more


The teacher must introduce the website (make sure the teacher reviews the
website first). Explain to the student what they are looking at on the computer.
The students must be focusing on the primary and secondary colors on this
website. Also, the students must understand which primary colors make which
secondary colors.
Supplies needed are finger paints, paper, the internet/computers.
Internet exploring and fingerpainting are the activities that need to be
Make sure that after the students go over the website, that as a group they
discuss what the primary colors and secondary colors are, and how you make the
secondary colors.
Additional Information: None



Technical Notes

If using the internet, make sure the students have enough computers if they are paired. Make sure to go over the website yourself.


To know the names of colors


Primary colors and Secondary colors

Learning Objectives

To list the primary colors.
To demonstrate what colors primary colors make.