Learning Exercise

Complementary Colors

Students will begin with 20 minutes to view the website and learn about complementary colors. Then each student will be given a set of complementary colors to paint a picture with. When the students are done with their pictures. We will hang them on the wall to remind everyone which colors go together.
Course: Art

Explore the tools that artists use like line, color, shape, space (linear and atmospheric perspective), movement and... see more


The teacher must introduce the website (make sure the teacher reviews the
website first). Explain to the student what they are looking at on the computer.
The students must be focusing on the complementary colors on this website. Also,
the students must understand which colors pair up.
Supplies needed are paints, paper, and the internet/computers.
Internet exploring and painting are the activities that need to be completed.
Make sure that after the students go over the website, as a group they discuss
what complementary colors and are.



Technical Notes

Make sure the children know how to use the internet first if not the site can be projected on a screen and the teacher can walk the students through it


Knowing the primary and secondary colors


Complementary Colors

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

to indentify what colors complement each other