Learning Exercise

Construction Geometric and Organic Shapes

This activity leads the students to be able to identify the difference between geometric and organic shapes.
Course: Art Elements and Principles: Intro to shapes

Explore the tools that artists use like line, color, shape, space (linear and atmospheric perspective), movement and... see more


Instructor expectations: The instructor should know the website and be able to
manuver around the website without any problems. They should also be able to
show the students some different examples of geometric and organic shapes.

Users: To successfully complete the assignment the user must be able to watch,
find and create their own geometric and organic shapes.

Activities: The instructor will introduce the website to the students and then
let the students explore the three activites. The students can either work
individually or with a group. They can either watch, find or
create their own shapes. Afterwords they will take construction paper and each
make their own geometric and organic shapes.
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Technical Notes

The computer may need to have the Macromedia Flash Player.


Internet navigation skills


Art Shapes-geometric and organic

Learning Objectives

The students should be able to identify the difference between a geometric or organic shape. They will also have to make their own shapes and identify what they are.