Learning Exercise

Create Your Own Myth

This activity will help you become familiar with mythological and legendary characters from a variety of countries. Creatively you need to use this resource and any other resource along with your prior knowledge to create a new story using cultural characters.
Course: Human Relations

This site "is an encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, legends, and more. It contains over 6000 definitions of gods and... see more


Enter the website and use the "Jump to Area" to choose a country. Find 3-4
characters to include in a 2-3 page original story. Include a brief bio of the
characters and a description of the country the characters represent.

Also take time to browse through various countries and mark some similarieties
and differences amongst the cultures. A Venn diagram would be appropriate to
illustrate this.

Learning Objectives

One learning objectives is to synthesis a new story using ancient characters from a culture of your choice.
Another objective is to become familiar with multicultural beliefs and to recognize similarities and differences in order to be more culturally sensitve.