Learning Exercise

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages covers almost one thousand years of history. This site focuses on famous people of the period, warfare and weapons, art and lifestyles, and the bubonic plague.
Course: Western Civilization

This site contains biographies of people from the middle ages. There are also articles about life and culture in the... see more


Instructions: Answer ONE of the following questions based upon ONE of the topical areas: art and lifestyle, weapons and warfare, medieval people, or bubonic plague: 1) Describe the art of the middle ages and the way people lived during that period of history; 2) How did men in the middle ages fight wars and what weapons did they use; 3) Identify and give the significance of 8 medieval people who made a difference in the history of Europe; OR 4) Describe what the bubonic plague was, how it affected Europe, and what its longterm consequences were for Europe's future.
Additional Information: None.


Western Civilization
The Middle Ages.

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with major personalities of the era.
To acquaint students with the art and lifestyle of the Middle Ages.
To acquaint students with the styles of warfare and weapons used during the Middle Ages.
To enable students to determine the impact of the bubonic plague on the people and countries of Europe during the Middle Ages.