Learning Exercise

HR Term Definitions

Students are to define the following HR terms in their own words. Then, they are to go to the above site and identify, printout and compare the EEOC Uniform Guideline legally acceptable definitions with their own
Course: Human Resource Staffing

Guidelines on selecting employees for positions, training, promotion, etc. under the equal employ opportunity (EEO)... see more


In the original assignment to a graduate Distance Learning HR Staffing class,
the students only had to find the Guidelines and definitions. A link has now
been established to the URL site and the requirement to come up with their own
definitions and then compare added.


Technical Notes



None - Although, should have successfully completed an Upper Division or Masters leve general Human Resources course prior to taking.


Human Resources Management, Staffing, Selection, Skills Training, Job Analysis, Job Description, Job Specification

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Know the legal definitions of three key HR selection terms: Knowledge, Skill and Ability