Learning Exercise

Marketing Mixes for the New Business Model

This exercise teaches students about the new types of business models that have been created by the e-commerce environment. Students are required to compare and contrast the marketing mixes of several of the new models.
Course: Business Marketing

This is a taxonomy of the different types of business models that have been created by e-business. The author... see more


1. Read the descriptions of all nine of the business models at this website.

2. Select two of the models that interest you.

3. Examine several of the different forms of these models by accessing the example website.

4. Write a two page typed paper that:

a. Identifies the target market of each of the models.

b. Compares and contrasts the four elements of the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and distribution) of each of the models.

5. Answer the question: How do these models compare to McCarthy's traditional Marketing Mix model?



1. Students need to be familiar with the marketing mix.
2. Students need to understand the changes that have occurred due to the growth of e-commerce.


Business Marketing

Learning Objectives

1. To understand that there have been radical changes in the way that companies conduct business.
2. To develop analysis skills.