Learning Exercise

Using the Case Interview

This assignment can be used to introduce business students to the methodology of case analysis. It also demonstrates that good analytical and diagnostic skills are used as criteria for hiring among prominent management consulting firms.
Course: Strategy, Organization Design, E-commerce

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) uses the "case interview" when hiring potential new consultants for their firm. This... see more


1. Begin the assignment by accessing the BCG site and completing the sample
"interactive case interview."

2. After completing the sample case interview, click on "Additional Case
Questions." Choose ad additional case from among the five listed on this page.
Conduct a case analysis on the case you have chosen, and answer the questions
that associated with the case.

3. What questions or additional data would you need to provide recommendations
to the company you have analyzed?


E-commerce, management consulting, case study analysis

Learning Objectives

1. To become familiar with the tools and processes for conducting a case analysis
2. To practice a "case interview'
3. To apply the skills of case analysis to an additional case