Learning Exercise

The Brain & the Actions of Cocaine, Opiates, and Marijuana

A downloadable slide show (PowerPoint) that can be used to illustrate the actions of specific drugs on the brain
Course: Education 603 Using Technology in the Classroom

This teaching packet consists of a narrative script used to accompany a slide set. Instructions for creating the slides... see more


Have students download slides and explain that these slides are for advanced
high school or college students. Run though the slides using the naration
provided. (Best used iwth the notes showing in a split screen. The slideshow
downloads this way.
Tell students that their assigmenent is to work in two's or three's to develop
an expanded or shortened slide show that would be apporpriate for a more general
student audience. Sildes could be added to explain more of the details or fill
in the explanation with labeling of current slides.

The final presentation is to show how teaching goals and objectives, perception
of student developmental level, social setting, either explicit or implicit,
drive the product such that even this most perscribed presentation may be the
source of many differing adaptations.

Technical Notes

PowerPoint application is necessary for use


Ability to make and use PowerPoint slides


Multimedia repurpose
Developing presentations
Modification depends on perception of teaching situation

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

To deveop a slide show specific to a particular purpose