Learning Exercise

Subscribe to Electronic Commerce Mailing List or E-zine

Subscribe to an e-mail newsletter to obtain information on electronic commerce that is more current than much of what is available from print sources.
Course: electronic commerce

Descriptive information and links to online periodicals and free e-mail newsletters on electronic commerce see more


  1. Scan the list of e-commerce e-zines and resources, to find free e-mail newsletters, periodicals, discussion lists, etc.
  2. Decide which one would be most suitable in terms of your interests and your preferences for how frequently you wish to receive e-mail
  3. Click the hot link subscribe
  4. You should receive a confirmation that you are now subscribed to the newsletter. Save it for future reference.
  5. Scan several issues of the newsletter for useful information. If it is not helpful, follow the instructions to cancel it (unsubscribe) at the end of the newsletter or in the confirmation you received initially. Then subscribe to another newsletter.




electronic commerce

Learning Objectives

1. Obtain new and current information on electronic commerce trends and concepts 2. Become familiar with a medium that can help the learner keep up-to-date after completion of formal education