Learning Exercise

Career Assessment

Part of this site includes a career assessment based on a test. There are three levels of tests, only one of which is free. Students can take the free test and answer 71 questions. Results will be e-mailed in five minutes or students can access their records after five minutes.
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A site containing thousands of current positions open in a variety of fields throughout the U.S. at various experience... see more


1. On the website, access the "Candidate Resource Center" by clicking on it.

2. Then click on "Career Assessment."

3. Click on "assessment.com"

4. You will have to register by entering your name and e-mail address. Make sure you click on the "free assessment"

5. You will have to answer 71 questions that involve things you prefer. Of three things, you pick you favorite and least favorite. At the end, the company will e-mail you a report. Or, you can access it on their center.

6. On a one page paper (typed), comment on what you learned about your self.

Also, does this information help you with making a job decision?

How helpful do think the assessment is?



An understanding of the job hunting process.


Career Choices

Learning Objectives

1. To determine the types of jobs that a student would be interested in.