Learning Exercise

Assignment for Globalization Lecture

This assignment can be used in conjunction with the Giddens lecture on globalization. It works as either an on-line discussion assignment, or it can be used in class after students have visited the BBC website and viewed the lecture.
Course: Management of Change, Sociology of Organizations, International Management

A BBC website featuring Dr. Anthony Giddens, a prominent sociologist from the the London School of Economics, giving a... see more


Reflect on the Giddens lecture and consider these questions:

1. Do you agree with Giddens' analysis of globalization?

2. How is your compnay or country being affected by globalization?

3. How is your present career or hopes for the future being affected by globalization?

4. How is your family or community being affected by globalization?


Globalization, economy, careers, community, identity

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

1) To expose students to a sociological perspective on globalization

2) To stimulate critical reflection on how globalization affects the self, family, community, and institutions

3) To develop a shared appreciation among students for the diverse reactions and interpretations of globalization and its effects