Learning Exercise

Does HIV cause AIDS? How do we know?

Students are to read two web sites presenting opposing views and write an editorial commentary on their opinion citing evidence from the sites.
Course: Biology of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A website with the most recent research on HIV/AIDS created by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious... see more


AIDS was first recognized as a disease in 1981. During the two decades since
that discovery, there has been continuing controversy as to the cause of this
illness and thus to the appropriate treatment and prevention strategies.

Your assignment is to read the following web sites that argue both sides of the
issue and then write an editorial supporting your point of view.



You may support either side or argue that we need more information. Provide the
data/evidence that you think is most compelling and indicate what actions in the
fight against AIDS should be taken based on your position and what the
consequences of supporting the opposing positions would be. You may use other
resources if you wish.

This editorial must be typed. It should be no longer than one page. Spelling and
grammar count. Please identify yourself only by your student ID.


A brief introduction to AIDS as a disease or access to that information via text or web


Epidemiology - proof of disease causation

Learning Objectives

To describe how Koch's postulates are used to determine causes of infectious disease
To explain the limitations of Koch's postulates for some diseases
To evaluate conflicting information related to HIV (science) provided on the web
To coherently and concisely express an opinion on a scientific issue supported by evidence
To consider the consequences of science and public policy on humans