Learning Exercise

Portfolio Management

This assignment can be used as a class project for courses in Investments. The ccnfn site allow students to create a portfolio and provide tools to analyse and evaluate the portfolio in making investment decisions.
Course: Fundamentals of Investments

Excellent resource to support student stock portfolio management. Helps understand the stock market, terminology, stock... see more


Portfolio Project.

Assume you have $10,000. Pick 5 stocks and decide how much you want to invest in each stock. Provide a explanation of why you picked these stocks. Use cnnfn.com to create your portfolio. It is under MARKETS sub-heading track your stocks. Every time you buy or sell a stock write down your reasons. At any time maintain 5 stocks in your portfolio.A minimum of 10 trades are required for this project. Students will report on their portfolio on a weekly basis. At the end of the semester you will turn in your project. Please make sure your work is typed and well presented.



Learning Objectives

1. To understand the benefits of a portfolio.2. To understand the variables that influences stock prices.3. To develop an investment philosophy.