Learning Exercise

Matching Your Skills with Current Market Demand

All job postings on this site are 30 days old or less indicating current skills and attributes that employers are seeking in new hires. The assignment is designed to have you determine common characteristics being sought in people being hired in your field and having you analyze your attributes against the list of common characteristics.
Course: Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Sales Management.

A site containing thousands of current positions open in a variety of fields throughout the U.S. at various experience... see more


Select the career field of interest within the web site. Determine the characteristics you will require on your first position. In your report, indicate the first set of parameters entered on your initial search. Screen the job postings meeting your criteria. Note common characteristics being sought by most, if not all, of the employers. Compare the sought characteristics against your own characteristics and note any deficiencies. If necessary, adjust the parameters of your search until you have positions available that fit your personal characteristics. Indicate any additional effort you will need to pursue in order to fully qualify for the positions you are seeking. YOUR FINISHED REPORT SHOULD BE FIVE TO SEVEN PAGES with references included of any additional resources used. Use statistical principles in reporting common requirements found.



Technical Notes

Assignment should be supported with a marketing research text.


Marketing Research, Statistics


Marketing Research, Secondary Data, Self Skill Evaluation.

Learning Objectives

Effective secondary data search techniques while gathering information of personal value in preparing for initial employment search after graduation.