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BIO 101/102: General Biology--Classification

This collection focuses on materials that support classification in general.

Collection Content

  • Classification of Living Things
    Short tutorials on on the Linnean classification system, using primarily vertebrate examples. Each tutorial includes... More
  • Cladograms
    Cladograms (Case Study)
    Classification can (and should) be used to illustrate more than a mere hierarchical grouping of organisms. This lesson... More
  • Tree of Life
    Tree of Life (Tutorial)
    As descibed at the site, "The Tree of Life is a project containing information about the diversity of organisms on... More
  • Phylogeny and Reconstructing Phylogenetic Trees
    A java application that lets you investigate the problem of creating a phylgenetic tree. there is some explanation of... More
  • Understanding Evolution
    This page is an introduction to evolution. One of the educational links is to a segment on phylogeny that is very well... More